With the automation system in the Dark Warehouse Concept, the Impact of Dark Warehouse in Supply Chain Network would expand beyond the limit, and it would be highly beneficial in the near future. With the idea of robotics and complete automation, Dark Warehouse brings out a light-out facility in the supply chain and logistics business. It involves the execution systems of a Warehouse that is working without the original warehouse workers. It executes with the features of high-speed conveyor belts, automated storage and retrieval systems, along Internet of things (IoT) sensors for guiding driverless forklifts in moving pallets.


What is a Dark Warehouse? How does the Dark Warehouse Function?

The Dark Warehouse is a storage system that performs automated retrieval with high efficiency. Dark Store apply to all kinds of warehouse execution processes, full automation of material processing facilities, along with offering shipping recognition and automated products. Dark Warehouses remain obscure in modern warehouse administrators. As per the recent trend, the organization’s success depends on automation. The work becomes faster and gives excellent results. The dark Warehouse is wholly automated for material handling, which saves time and money.

Dark Warehouses are floor-free warehouses and assembly lines — are among the most lucrative or developed Internet of Things (IoT) apps. NewtonX surveyed 30 executives, CEOs, Chief Technology Officers, and government officials engaged in the deployment. Dark warehouses are considered the present market’s latest trend, and these concepts of warehouses are used to save organizational costs. Based on the automated WMS system, this system is built, and managers have to think of how to integrate the system and take out advantage of the automated processes.

What does the term Dark Warehouse mean?

The meaning of the term Dark Warehouse points out to a warehouse that can operate or execute its functions without any human input in the dark environment. This can be possible by utilizing the concept that robots and machines do not need light to see. However, the forklifts are guided by the lights to the correct location in such warehouses for picking goods from a rack or stacking goods on it. Thus directing the forklift operator accurately to the place, these lights usually come on along the aisles. Once the task is completed, the lights go off once again. This is also referred to as light-guided warehousing.

The dark warehouses of potential may be an exciting technological advancement. This increases the profits for companies and society, and they pose a host of alarming job issues. The process is relatively more straightforward than other processes and easy enough to follow. Thus the dark Warehouse is always concerned about bringing profits to the company. The Automated Micro Warehouse often optimizes storage space. Throughout the factory, any aisles are not required while storing supplies in bins piled on one another and reached from above by machines. It ensures saving a range or even larger volume of items.

What are the Advantages Offered by Dark Warehouses?

Warehousing is an otherwise labor-intensive industry. Moreover, in setting up a dark warehouse, the capital expenses involved can be very high, and usually, such costs need to be paid upfront. Modern Warehouses can be converted to dark warehouses quite easily by having automated storage and retrieval systems and sorting machinery. Dark Warehouses that depend on the robotic workforces have many advantages over their human counterparts. They do not require breaks or vacations. Thus, the same machines can execute all three-day shifts without getting tired or having any complaints.

Therefore, better than humans, they can withstand extreme temperatures (thus saving on the cost of heating/cooling), even if they do not require any health insurance, etc. The Dark Store is operated entirely by intelligent robots without the involvement of any human labor. The main task in most automated warehouses is carrying shelves of products to a human worker, who, in turn, picks items from the stands to get them packed for shipment. Next step would be automatizing the process of selecting completely.

What are the Disadvantages Offered by Dark Warehouses?

Everything in the world has its upside and downside as a dark warehouse requires a tremendous upfront cost. The cost of human empower is costly over a long period, but the increment is usually paid gradually. Fully automating a warehouse require a early high upfront cost that many companies can’t afford. Also, the dark warehouse has the limitation of simplicity. The more complex an automated process, the more expensive the cost of automating it.

Despite the high initial capital investment, the dark warehouse is becoming a target for many. These kinds of facilities are typically found in warehouses where workers are responsible for moving large quantities of similar objects over and over again. Another kind of facility suitable possibility for full or close to full automation is cold storage and freezer warehouses, like those within the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industries. Automation helps reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous conditions and reduces the cost of maintaining suitable temperatures.

Scope of Dark Warehouses

With the intrusion of advanced technology, the concept of dark warehouses is becoming increasingly popular. They can significantly improve the efficiency of a warehouse management system. Machines and robots without any holidays can work in intense conditions, temperatures, or as many shifts as required. Integration of the techniques of an organization such as its Supply Chain Management System and Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps implement the concept of a dark warehouse.

Thus with the implementation of the concept of dark Warehouse, the dark kitchen business model often explained as cloud kitchen can be presented in the market with the same operational processes. So, dark Warehouse would form a fundamental pillar of supply chain management. Since handling machines is considered more hygienic than taking goods by humans, Cold Storage Facilities, Pharmaceutical Warehouses, and the Food Industry are increasingly opting for dark warehouses.

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