Flexible Warehousing can provide the necessary Resilience to businesses!

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Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash Flexible warehousing has been kind of oxymoron as Flexibility and “warehousing” haven’t traditionally gone hand in hand. Warehousing has been a fixed cost for decades—requiring resources to build and manage new infrastructure or long-term, fixed contracts with third-party providers.  That’s how traditional Supply chains have been built

Decentralisation of Warehousing network can be a game changer as it is becoming an important part of Business Continuity plan!

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Photo by alireza mahmoudi on Unsplash Business models are highly irreversible, they cannot be altered every day. Likewise, the basic supply chain models aligned to the business model also cannot be changed abruptly & frequently. A business model coupled with the right supply chain model forms integral part of success story and these