Direct to Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment for Ecommerce

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Over the past some time, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) industries have attained extensive popularity due to social media, nominal prices, customer-friendly attitude, product quality, better customer interaction, etc. D2C brands are geared up  for greatness with such sustained and increasing demands. Usually, there are no layers involved in this model, and accordingly, the costs often appear

Fulfillment becomes fulfilling with Micro Warehousing!

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With the digital market in high-octane competition for every brand, and with most digital product platforms having similar offerings within the specific product categories, the price point along with the delivery time becomes an important criterion for the selection of the product by the consumer. And as flash sales become the order of the day, the

Impact of Dark Warehouse in the Supply Chain Network

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With the automation system in the Dark Warehouse Concept, the Impact of Dark Warehouse in Supply Chain Network would expand beyond the limit, and it would be highly beneficial in the near future. With the idea of robotics and complete automation, Dark Warehouse brings out a light-out facility in the supply chain and logistics

Flexible Warehousing: The future of Digital Supply Chain

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What is Flexible Warehousing? Flexible Warehousing has been a kind of oxymoron as Flexibility and “warehousing” haven’t traditionally gone hand in hand. Warehousing has been a fixed cost for decades—requiring resources to build and manage new infrastructure or long-term, fixed contracts with third-party providers.  That’s how traditional Supply chains have been built to cater to

Resilience in Supply Chain Network – Decentralisation and Flexibility is Key

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Resilience in Supply Chain Network: COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the current Supply Chain across industry segments. The organization is struggling on multiple fronts, from wondering where their supplies are coming from to how much to produce. While some of these problems are not new in the supply chain, this pandemic has thrown them into our

Decentralisation of Warehousing network can be a game changer for Business Continuity plan!

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Business models are highly irreversible and cannot be altered every day. Likewise, the primary supply chain models aligned to the business model cannot be changed abruptly & frequently. A business model coupled with the suitable supply chain model forms an integral part of a success story. These also include a crucial part of the Decentralisation

Bonded Warehousing in India ~ Through Warehousity!

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What is a Bonded Warehouse? A bonded warehouse, or bond, is a building or other secured area in which dutiable goods may be stored, worked on, or undergo light assembly operations without payment of duty. It may be managed by the state or by private enterprise. In this concept of 'bonded warehousing,' the importers could

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